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Client Love

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Karen's gentle, caring and precise manner allowed me to experience a deep, flowing connection and awareness of my breathing. Deep rhythmical breathing induced a sense of calm and clear relaxation. Karen's work caused me to bathe in this new found peace, thus experiencing a buoyancy and freedom that carried me through daily tasks. Her session made me feel ready and wanting to share her tremendous and loving sessions with others.

Giovanni Natale M.A, L.M.T

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My husband was hospitalized in May 2019 for anemia, Karen came to hospital, immediately to offer a session of  healing to him. Her bedside manner, support, kindness and expertise brought comfort and relief to us. Karen supported us through out his illness and thereafter. Karen is deeply devoted to healing and knowing how to connect with you. Thank you Karen, for being there for us. I am deeply grateful. PS a few days after healing doctors were able to identify the problems and repair his stomach bleed.

Katleen Gonzales


From the moment Karen began her session, I felt it: healthy energy flowing through my forehead and into my whole body. I had come to her for anxiety and she did an awesome job helping with it. Walked out of the session feeling genuinely good, so good I wish I could feel that way always. Then later that night, she did a remote session and I had the most restful sleep I've had in months!!
Karen is tremendously skilled, and I'm so happy I decided to go to her for reiki!

Brendan B


Feeling amazing! Just had a healing session with Karen Desouche. She used a few techniques along with a massage. A lot of negative energy has been released. I felt euphoric and amazingly I still feel this calm, Zen like feeling hours later! By far, the best massage I've ever had! She is also very personable and you feel as if your with a friend! I can't say enough about her and can't wait to go back!!

Anna R, L.A

Karen is an amazingly talented healer, and I am so lucky to have found her. If you suffer from emotional trauma, as well as chronic physical pain, I highly recommend going to see her. She is incredibly kind and compassionate, and instantly made me feel comfortable opening up as she helped me move through vulnerable and difficult feelings during our session. I'm not exaggerating when I say she changed my life. I have seen dozens of massage therapists and body work practitioners over the years, and they were great - but the pain would return almost immediately. Karen addresses the causes, not just the symptoms, so they don't keep coming back. You will feel like you're walking on air when you leave her office.

Jennifer R, CA

ive had two sessions with karen and both have been amazing! the last one being earlier this year. ive been moving through a lot of grief that has been stuck in my body causing pain. karen knows how to work with the energy of each individual body just to where you need and she provided a lot of information during my edge and after care. ive recommended her to friends before and will continue too. i'm sure i'll be back soon

Vanessa D, France

I went to meet Karen as I was on holidays in LA. She is very gentle, sweet and kind. I wanted to try her body energy work. as many of my friends told me to. During the session, I felt so released that I cried, but in a good way. I cried because I had a lot on my nerves and the 1 h and a half session helped me release it. Thank you Karen: you are a very good healer.

Adriana S, Brenthood

I had the most amazing body energy work with Karen.
She is kind, compassionate and has the most magical hands.
Trauma lives in the body and until we move it out it will continue to live with us.  This healing massages really help in the process of healing.

Debbi D. Burbank

Karen J. is a trauma muscle release bodyworker in Los Angeles, CA. (and the Valley!). She is a certified Transformational Reiki Master, Quantum Touch Healer and much more.
I've known Karen for several years and have received many treatments from her - both in person and remotely. She is so caring and powerful. She knows a lot about the body and emotions. I have experienced profound shifts from Karen's brilliant energy body work. A+. Highly recommended!

Maytal S, PP

Karen is an incredibly talented healer! Her skills are impressive and she's very intuitive about finding the source of pain in your body. I highly recommend her!

Kristen G, L.A

Karen is absolutely amazing! I have seen her for various different services and I love her unique healing techniques. The treatment is in a relaxing atmosphere and she creates a safe space to share and release emotions throughout the treatment. We know the body keeps score and Karen truly creates a healing for your body, mind, and soul. Karen is amazing and so supportive to her clients, I highly recommend her!

Jules F, CA

Wow. Had the most incredible experience with Karen this morning. She is truly gifted healer! Karen made me feel comfortable and listened to what parts of the body I needed worked on. The spa was beautiful and felt very welcomed. There is parking in the structure or you can park on street. Thanks Karen , I'll be back!

Julie H, CA

Have been seeing Karen for the last couple months and feel great and just what I needed . The location is at The Yellow Door Spa and parking is great.
Every time I leave I cant wait for my next service. Thank you Karen!

Charles C, L.A

The technique karen uses is amazing I've never felt anything like it. She definitely knows what she's doing and was able to pin point emotions I was holding in. I was skeptical at first but after our session I truly believe Karen has a gift . I have recommended many friends and will continue to recommend people. Definitely worth getting multiple sessions.

Manette F, Beverly Hills

The two sessions I've had so far w/ Karen have helped me tremendously! I didn't know what to expect when I first met her but I'm a believer! Karen's healing massage & energy release REALLY works! The biofeedback information that she provides has helped me be more mindful physically & mentally. I look forward to my next session.
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